Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why Do We Need TV and Nitendo?

For a few weeks every year, we leave our TV and other modern conveniences and travel back in time--well sort of!  When we travel to the annual Red Power Round-up, we always tent camp.  The boys find ways to entertain themselves from the time the sun comes up to the time it sets.  We don't really worry about time.  We just enjoy the day as it comes!

During the 2010 Red Power Round-up, my oldest, Knox, spent his days at the Pioneer Village at the LaPorte County Fairgrounds where the 2010 Red Power Round-up was held.

They had old fashion toys that he learned to play.  He spent hours playing with other kids his age on just simple wood toys!

He also learned how to wash clothes with a wash board and lye soap!  When I said something about washing our clothes, he said just bringing up to the Pioneer Village and he would clean them!  I thanked him for the offer, but I like the smell of Tide better than lye soap!

The neatest thing that was set up in the Pioneer Village was a giant sand box!  Both the boys had a blast playing in the sand!

Hamp is helping big brother with his sand creation!

Hamp is already flirting with the girls!

Knox's great creation!  Don't ask, I have no idea what it is but Moma is proud of it!!

My boys are spending these next two weeks away from TV, DVDs, and Nintendo.  They haven't died yet and they are having still having fun!

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  1. The best part is that they are getting a chance to flex their imaginations -- something tech games won't let them do... without imagination, we have no future,just repetition of things past... you have very handsome boys and can be very proud of them... have a great Fourth and start drafting your blog articles for us...

    Twitter: SolarChief


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