Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Big Flirt...

Occasionally at these tractor shows we get to meet some celebrities.  Last year we got treated to an awesome Craig Morgan concert and of course he sang "International Harvester!".  He not only gave an unbelievable acoustic concert, but he was just great "eye candy"!!

This year my husband got the treat--he got to meet 2009 reining Miss America!  She is from Seymour, Indiana--hometown of my hero, John Mellenchamp!  Hubby decided he wanted to get his picture made with Miss America and make the boys at the BS Club jealous.  So we wanted in line for his and Hamp's turn to have their picture made.

This is the picture we had made....

But Hamp wasn't done....

I caught this just before he laid a big cold wet one on Miss America!!  His Daddy is sooo proud!!

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