Monday, July 5, 2010

A Day at the Lake

The last night we were in Indiana at the fantastic 2010 Red Power Round-up, we decided to take the boys to swim in Lake Michigan.  None of us had ever been in the Great Lakes.  So we couldn't turn down the opportunity to get to put our feet in the Great Lakes! 

We drove to Michigan City, Indiana and found the public beach.  I was completely blow away by the fact that there was so much sand and that there were WAVES!  I had no idea that the Great Lakes were controlled by the rotation of the Earth and Moon.  Absolutely amazing!!

Knox went straight in the water, but little brother had second thoughts.  Hamp wanted to play in the sand more than play in the water.  He pitched a fit every time we stood him in the water.  Finally, Hubby and I figured out that the sand moving under his feet with every wave was creeping him out! 

This was the first time that Hamp has every been in water that had sand and waves.   Once he got use to the sand moving, he started to like the water.

After playing the water a while we walked down to the lighthouse at the end of the pier.  We learned that the city we could see in the distance across the water was Chicago some 60 miles away!  The view was just beautiful!  We were there at sunset which was just a perfect time to be there.

This is my favorite picture....

It sums up just how great our time in Indiana turned out to be!  Now on to North Carolina!!!


  1. My husband's brother and his family used to live in Michigan City, Indiana many years ago. I only visited there once and I remember how flat the landscape was compared to California. You were able to get some beautiful pics. I like that last one too!

  2. Kids and water. They're like peanut butter and jelly, roses and aphids, the RMV and long waits: inseparable!


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