Monday, July 12, 2010

More Than Just Tractors, Part 3...

Now I told y'all when I started this that there was a lot to see at the Southeastern Old Thresher's Reunion and now you know I wasn't lying!  I'm not even going to get to get to half of the things that are at the show.  I'm only going to be able to hit the highlights because I forgot to take my camera with me part of the time I was walking around looking at everything!

If you have ever chopped wood, you would appreciate the wood splitter at the Thresher's Reunion.  This is a 1900s Sykes Brothers wood splitter that is powered by a Fairbanks-Morse Model Z gasoline engine.

If you look closely you see the wood splitters one on each side of the flywheel.  I couldn't get a picture of the Thresher workers using the machine because every time they started to split wood the engine would quit!  Not everything works perfect, even during the Thresher's Reunion!

One of the most curious machines at the Farm Park is Rock Crusher.  This crusher is a mixed machines that was made from two different crushers both from the early 1900s.

These Rock Crushers were not seen on most farms, except for some large farms.  They were mostly used by road construction crews and they were not really fast by it beat hitting the rocks with sledge hammers!

It used to be that you couldn't go to the local Wal-Mart and get soap or laudry detergent.  You had to make it yourself.  Usually after you killed the pet hog or cow because their fat was the base for your soap.  At the Old Thresher's Reunion, the art of soap making is on display!

It's a long process to make soap.  It takes a little over 24 hours to make lye soap.  During the Thresher's Reuion, they make soap in these old cast iron pots.

This is the finished soap and is available to take home. This lye soap is pretty hard on the hands.  I still like my Dove soap! 

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