Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Petal Tractor Pull!!

Ever since tractors have been invented, tractor pulls, where men and women pull a sled to see who has the most horsepower in their tractor, have been around.  The kiddos love watching the "big boys and girls" pull and want to pull their own tractors.  So started the Kiddie Petal Tractor Pulls...

There is always a Kiddie Petal Tractor Pull when we are at the Southeastern Old Thresher's Reunion.  For years, Knox always participated and usually did very well.  So when we asked him if he wanted to participate this year, this was his response..."Moma, my legs are just too long for the tractor this year.  So I will have to stop winning and let somebody else win!"

How sweet and thougthful!  I was a little sad that my "baby" won't be doing the petal tractor pull.  It means that he is growing up!!  Where have the years gone....

But Hubby and I decided to go watch the petal tractor pull any way!  When we got there we meet up with our friends Sheri and Scott and their twins Shelton and Silas.  Shelton and Silas just love Hamp and had to play with him while they were waiting for their turn on the track.  It's so cute that they called Hamp "their" baby all week!

Sheri had to play with Hamp too!

Silas and Sheldon did a great job but just got edged out by a few inches!  They may have not won but had the best cheering section as well as being the best dressed petal drivers!

Now the last couple years, they have added a new catagory to the Petal Tractor Pulls.  They have added a new adult categories!  Yes, Adult Petal Tractor Pulls!  My Hubby and Scott both had signed up for the Men's Petal Tractor Pull.  For men it is a ego thing--something we girls know too well! 

They both talked me and Sheri into the Women's Petal Tractor Pull.  Now I was not really crazy about the idea and niether was Sheri, but we thought, what the heck--let's just make a fool our selves!

So I went first...

I couldn't believe it--a full pull!!  No way!!

Then it was Sheri's turn...

Not quite a full pull, but a good one none the less!!

We stood around laughing at how goofy we looked doing the Petal Pull and how we were going to put the pictures of us on Facebook.  Then we got the news that I had to pull again!  I was tied for 1st place with another lady who had also done a full pull!  No way--I was tied for first place!!

So I pulled again...

And believe it or not....
I WON!!  Yep, I won!  No way!!  I won two adult tickets to the Christmas Train at the Denton Farm Park!

Now lets not forget the big boys!  They were ready to pull.  Hubby and Scott wanted to prove something now that Sheri and I had done so good!

Hubby went first...

He started complaining about hard it was...and yes, Sheri and I started laughing and making fun of him!  He finished his pull--about average.

Next it was Scott's turn...

A full pull...until we realized he cheated!  He knocked the Petal Tractor out of gear so that it made it easy to petal!!  Just what big boys do to satify the ego!

But we all had a great time!!

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  1. Congratulations on your first place win! Pretty cool work, there... I don't know that I could pedal anything, anymore... legs don't like hard work... lol... come visit when you can

    Twitter: SolarChief


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