Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grandmoma's Rocking Chair

When my oldest (Knox) was a year old, my grandmother--Granny Mom, ask my Daddy to re-paint an old child's rocking chair.  I remembered the rocking chair being in her house all of my life but didn't really know the story behind it.

Daddy told me that this was my mother's rocking chair when she was a little girl.  Granny Mom and Poppa (my mother's parents) had bought the rocking chair for my mother when she was a baby. 

I was helping Daddy with it when I noticed that at the rocking chair's top posts they were not completely round anymore.  One side, the back side, was flat.  Daddy wasn't sure what happened but later my mother told me what had happened to the back posts. 

When she was little, it scared her to sit in the rocking chair.  So she would turn the rocking chair upside down and drag it every where she went.  She would somehow sit in the little rocking chair upside down until she got to big for it!

I used it when I was little, Knox used it and now Hamp has discovered the little rocking chair...

Granny Mom and Poppa would be so tickled!

My heart is always heavy that his Granddaddy's don't get to watch him enjoy the little old rocking chair.

Hamp tells me that they all are watching him play with his little old rocking chair!  He has a room full of angels rocking with him!!

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