Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Cotton Press at Denton

 At the Southeastern Old Thesher's Reunion at the Denton Farm Park, you are surrounded by steam engines.  Some are portable while others are not.  Some are small and others are so big they tower over everything.  Part of the mission of this show is to teach about the past and how things worked 100 years ago.

Such is the newest and most impressive exhibit at Denton.  It's the Cotton Press.  This thing towers over everything in the park!

Notice how big the wood is that is holding up the press.  You need to realize that each one of these posts is one soild piece of wood!

This is the stats for the Cotton Compress.

These tanks in the back of the Compress hold the air that moves the 250,000 lbs that press the cotton.

Here is where the cotton bales would be placed to be compressed.  The grey square above the cotton bale is part of the presss itself.

The other part of the press comes from below the cotton bale.

You really don't want to get your finger--or any other body part--in the way this press!  This was just a really cool piece of history!


  1. Day-um! That piece of equipment is HUGE!!!!!!

  2. I love visiting things like this it's so grand and amazing

  3. You could do all your tortillas, at once!... and spaghetti... and dried fruit... LOL!... Lordy, this is one incredible machine and thank you, so much, for sharing... This is one part of history I didn't know about and never thought about the transporting part of cotton mfg... great post... hope you're still having a great time... come visit when you can...

    Twitter: SolarChief


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