Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Day of Reflection...

Today I took the boys for a road trip today!  We went up the road to meet an old friend of mine, Jennifer, who was down to see her parents.  It was such a great visit with a wonderful lunch!

I loved reminiscing with Jennifer about old friends and times we spent at music camps.  We got to catch up with all the Mommy stories we have missed over the years and of course traded birth adventures.  Jennifer had to hear my crazy second pregnancy first hand!

What was great too was the chance for our kids to get to play with each other!  They really had a good time together even though none of them were the same age!  Her kids are 8 and 3 while mine are 10 and 17 months.

There was one thing that stuck out in my mind and the reason I wrote this post.  As the kids were playing while we were catching up, Knox found some puzzles that he and Jennifer's oldest started playing with.  When they finished that, Knox found pieces of a wood train car on a table in the sun room the kids were in.  He started putting it together.  I was afraid that he was into something that he shouldn't be in and told Jennifer's mom that if he didn't need to be doing that just tell him no.  I told her he is always building things and could probably put it together.  She let him go for it!

While Jennifer and I went with the other kids to another room, her mom came through and said that Knox had sent her to get sandpaper!  I said she could just tell him no, but she said he knew what he was doing!

A little later, we came in the room Knox was working.  Knox was looking for something to fix the train with.  Jennifer's dad came in and looked at the train with Knox and then the two of them left to get a part for the train.  They came back and Knox fixed the train so that it was finished!

I told Jennifer and her parents that Knox learned how to work with tools by being around his Granddaddy's and his Daddy.  Knox has always been in the shop since he was old enough to hold a hammer.  My Daddy taught him how to use most of the tools in the shop, and trust me, he still uses them!

It really made me sad to see him working with Jennifer's dad and to think that he didn't have a Grandaddy any more to do little projects like this with him.  Doing them with Moma and Daddy is not the same!  There is just something about a little boy and his Grandaddy working on a project that is so special.  I am so glad that Knox had those times with his Granddaddy's that hopefully he will remember. 

But it breaks my heart that Hamp will never have those special memories...

Both my Daddy and Hubby's Daddy had both passed away before Hamp's birth.  Nothing breaks my heart more than the fact that Hamp will never know his Granddaddy's!  My Granddaddy's and Hubby's Grandaddy were such special people in both our lives growing up.  I tares my heart out that Hamp will never have these special memories!  He will never know the bond between a grandchild and grandfather.  He still has his Grandmothers but they just are not Grandaddys!

And seeing Knox with Jennifer's dad today just brought that home to me again....


  1. Sounds like a special day. Where would we be without our soul sisters?

  2. I still treasure the times I had with my grandfather and learning how to make nets for fishing... my grandmother taught me how to crochet... it was the same thing, except my grandfather used gigantic 'crochet' hooks and twine, and absolutely refused to believe they were both doing the same thing!... I understand your loss, but Daddy's can be great to work with, too... come visit when you can...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  3. Such a beautiful story. It sounds like you're seeing the positive in this, but I can understand your sadness.
    Thanks for sharing.


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