Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dear Mr. Toliet...

Dear Mr. Toilet,

I need your help! 

Hamp has decided that you are an awesome new play toy!  He is loving the fact that you sit all day with water in your bowl.  He has found that he can empty your water out in just a matter of minutes!  This is causing a large mess for me and Knox to have to clean up everyday!  Sometimes even twice a day.  It has even caused Hamp to slip, fall and hit his head on your friend the bath tub.

Hubby has put locks on you but still we need your help.  In order for the locks to be affective, we have to lower your lid.  That may seem simple, but we are having a problem remembering.  This is where we need your help...

Could you come up with a way to remind us to lock your lid?

I know it has to be inconvenient for you to have your lid down all day, but hopefully this will only last for a short time! I am hoping that Hamp will grow out of this phase soon.  You know it won't be long before you will be helping him to learn how to use you. 

So if you would just bare with us these few months and help us to remember to lock your lid, we would be so grateful!  We do appreciate all the work you do to keep our house in running order!  And we know that you are always there to help us in the good and bad times!!

Your Friends,
Tractor Mom and family

P.S.  Could you also work on trying to help Knox to remember to flush?  He just seems to get all caught up in the moment and just forgets to send the remains down your bowl!


  1. That is hilarious!

    My second played in the potty so much we joked that he was going for a gold medal in the Olympic sport of toilet diving.

  2. I hope Hamp's head (and Mr. bathtub) are ok! Poor little thing!
    Fien usually runs into the bathroom every hour just to flush it...regardless of whether or not anything is in it. I'll send her on over and she'll keep an eye out deal?

  3. LOL - but how true. I know we must have replaced three toilets when the boys were little because they flushed their bathtub toys and other things down it and it would get majorly stuck.


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