Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Pyromaniac

I love long dark eyelashes.  I do not have long dark eyelashes.  Mine are blond, short, and impossible to see without mascara.  Both my boys have long eyelashes--such a waste on boys!  Knox has red eyelashes and Hamp has the killer, to die for, long, dark eyelashes!

But the other week, I was looking at Knox and realized that part of his eyelashes were white!  I couldn't believe it!  They were white!!  Not all of them were, just a few.

As Hubby and I started looking closer, we realized what had happened...

Knox had singed his eyelashes when he built a fire in his fire pit and they had grown back white!  Poor youngin' is a pyromaniac like his Granddaddy was!  Let's just hope we don't have to call the fire department!

1 comment:

  1. oh my...y'all are gonna get that ER wing after all!
    but i really hope not!!!


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