Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Is In My Purse

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The other day I was in a meeting.  One of the ladies in the meeting with me had her daughter with her.  She was 5 or 6 and was starting to get bored. 

Now she had been really good up to this point, but the meeting was getting a little long and it was just all she could do to keep up the good behavior.

I happened to think that I had some toys in my purse.

I reached in the purse and pulled out two toys--a small tractor and a small car.  Now if she had been my boys she would have grabbed up the toys and hit the floor, the table and all the book shelves in the room playing away. 

But she was not my boys and she just looked at the car and tractor with a look that said, "What are these? Do my pigtails and cute girly shirt not tell you that I don't play with those!!  Lady, you've lost it!!"

The other ladies saw the same looks the young girl was giving me.  It was pretty unanimous that I had pulled out the wrong toys for this girly, girl!

So, back to the purse!

I pulled out a zip lock bag.  In it I had some muscadines.  I thought she might want something to eat.  Besides, eating something would keep her busy and muscadines will really keep her busy because she would have to use her hands to eat them. Again I thought, this would work for my boys.

This time she looked closer at the food offering.  But looking was all she did!  The look I got this time was, "Lady, you are just strange!!"

I wasn't giving up...back to the purse!

There had to be something in this "bag of tricks" that would hold her interest!  I dug deeper.  I found a little magazine!  This would be perfect!  It small and would just fit in her hands. 

I pulled out the magazine--a football magazine.  What girl wouldn't like to look at a magazine with sports stuff in it!  I know the boys would have a blast checking out all the pictures and pages!

Well, this time she looked at me with confusion!!  Her look said, "Lady, you really have no idea that I am a GIRL!!".

There is a reason I have boys!!!

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  1. Oh boys...coming from 3 sisters it will be interesting raising a little boy! You should go on that old show "Let's make a deal" I think you'd win with everything in your purse :)

  2. too funny!
    i have 3 crayons from some restaurant & a diecast bmw x3 in my purse! =)

  3. Oh yeah & one of those caps you can put on a water bottle to make it a sipper.

  4. I can't believe that she wasn't pleased with anything you gave her. I thought you had a great variety of things, but then again, I only have a boy as well. Have a fanastic weekend.

  5. Next time you and I can trade bags before the meeting!

  6. Love this! I always had Matchbox cars and superhero action figures in my purse and my sisters-in-law always had hair bows and little dolls in theirs. I miss those days :)


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