Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Broad River Rural Heritage Spring Farm Show

Saturday was a busy day for our family.  We started at 6:10 am with the celebration of National Train Day.  Then we finished packing and headed to Danielsville, Georgia.  We ended up at Holloway Hollow to help with our club's spring Farm Show.  We belong to the Broad River Rural Heritage Association.  Each year we host two Farm Shows, one in Danielsville, the other in Toccoa.

The show features lots of tractors but there are other things going on too.  There was a saw mill, shingle mill, and tractor games.  The barrel race is one tractor game where a tractor driver sees how fast he or she can roll a barrel down a set course in the fastest time.  But the one we love watching is the slow tractor race!  This is where the last tractor to cross the finish line wins.  It's a race you just have to sit and watch!  And we've got two guys in our club that are always vining for this prize!  I hate that I didn't get any pictures of the tractor games and other stuff for you to see these but I had to help at the front gate. 

But I did get few shots of what was Hamp's favorite activity.  He spent most of his time playing in Mr. Wayne's golf cart!  It had tools all in the floor board and screws and bolts in the cup holders.  If he wasn't at the golf cart, he was on the bush hog.  Knox on the other hand was either helping at the shingle mill or playing in the creek!  I tried to get a picture of him wading in the creek but it just didn't happen!

Now the highlight of our spring show is the tractor ride!  Since we didn't have any of our tractors ready for this show we only brought our pedal tractors.  So when it came time for the tractor ride, Hubby borrowed a tractor from our friend Wayne.  This Ford he is on will fly!!  It will run at almost 40 mph--way fast for a tractor!

Hubby gets on the tractor and starts her up.  Now you have to realize Hubby has either worked on most types of tractors or he has rode/drove them.  He is passionate about his tractors and is constantly reading books/magazines about tractors.  Our bathroom is full of tractor parts manuals that he reads for fun!  What I'm getting at is that he knows what he is doing no matter what type of tractor he's on.  So when the Ford died each time he started to drive off, we couldn't help but tease him.  He didn't get to drive though because the Ford had a carberator problem! Hubby didn't get to go on the tractor ride so he stayed behind with me and Hamp (who was sound asleep by tractor ride time!).  We watched as Knox rode off with Mr. Wayne--he has to ride with him every year--and everybody else!

One of the coolest tractors at this year's show was an Oliver with steel wheels!  That's right--steel wheels!  Can you imagine riding a tractor with steel wheels all day plowing?  Just think how rough that would be!  That would shake you to your bones!! 

All-in-all, we had a great day!  If there is a Farm Show or Tractor Show any where near you, take the family, especially the kiddos!  I guarantee that you and the kiddos with learn something new as well as have a good time together!

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