Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh, The Train is Coming!!

Tuesday I made a post about National Train Day celebration in Toccoa May 8, 2010.   What I didn't share with you was what happened after all the events were over and just about everyone but my train "crazy" crew had left.

Hamp got to experience his first freight train next to the tracks. 

Now if you have never been close to train tracks when a frieght train come flying by, you just better not be wearing a dress and heels!  The wind will just about knock you over if you aren't ready.  The sound, especially, the engines is deafing!  But it is way cooool!!

So Hamp and Daddy see the train coming!  Hamp is not sure what that big, black moving thing is!

The six engines fly by as Hamp watches them pass by!  What is Daddy laughing at?

This is what Daddy's laughing at....

Hamp's not too sure about that big old noisy train! 

But little man had fun!!

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