Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our New Pets!

Meet our newest pets....

We got new chicks!  3 Rhode Island Reds and 2 Sussex hens with one Rhode Island Rooster.  We're growing them out to have more laying hens.   I'm hoping that we can get enough hens to maybe sell some eggs every week.  I have people ask for organic eggs all the time! 

Our hens are caged at night but roam the yard most days.  They only fed cracked corn and scratch with laying mash during the winter. They eat most of our scrap bread too.  So we can say our chickens are fed an organic diet!  Now, they're not certified organic, but close enough!

We are at the chicken sell tonight selling off our mean mixed breed rooster, Big Red.  Knox is all upset.  He cried on the way to the sell.  I brught the computer and supper so we can see if anybody will buy Big Red.  We might even buy another rooster if we see one we like.

If you have never been to a chicken auction, you need to experience one!  You see not only chickens, but psenants, ducks, turkeys, even rabbits.  Tonight they had duck and guinea eggs that you can hatch out!  There are as many kids as adults at this auction. 

This chicken auction is at the Eastanollee Livestock Sale every Thursday night.  Darren Smith is the auctioner.  When you come it is like a social event!  Every time we come we spent as much time catching up with people as watching the fowl being auctioned.  It's a great place to come and people watch--about as good as Wal-mart!

I fill you all in if we add to our chicken family!

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  1. Chickens are on my agenda for next year. Love live auctions...thanks for sharing...


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