Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun JAMS Day

The other Wednesday, our church had a great celebration of the last JAM (Jesus and Me) for this school year.  I thought I would share some fun pictures with you.

Hamp had a blast in the jumpy thing.  I think the other boys had a blast watching him!

Knox headed down the slide even with the broken collar bone!  You can tell the collar bone is not slowing him down by much!

But Knox spent more time making water balloons!  There were a few people that had wished he had stayed on the slide!

Hamp got a little hungry but he wouldn't slow down to stop and eat.  So he just ate on the run!

Hamp learned to limbo!!

Thanks to Art and Sarah who did such a great job with the kids this year!  And the end of year party was a big hit too!!


  1. Ha! I love the pic of the little one crawling under the limbo. Too cute!

    Thanks for stopping by to help me celebrate my SITS potluck day! =)



  2. What a fun day! Love those pictures.


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