Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hamp's New Tricks

I wanted to share some new activities from our little Hamp.  He is becoming a booger to catch!  He is also ending up in the darnest places!  Enjoy!

Hamp has discovered that all those things we have been hiding from him are on the dining room table!  He found out how to get them by using the dining room chairs!

Watching big brother Knox pays off as Hamp has learned how to ride the sit-and-spin. 
**Do not attempt this at home without big brother or Mommy supervision!**

Hamp discovered that Ms. Grey had a hiding place under her dining room table.  Shhhhhh!  Don't tell Ms. Grey where I am!!

Big brother showed Hamp another trick--how to ride a scooter.  Problem is that it's hard to ride with his hands not on the handles!


  1. Tractor Mom! I've missed you! Hope you're having a great summer. Love these pictures. I especially love those little chubby thighs. So sweet their new tricks and the new stages as we watch them grow.


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