Friday, May 21, 2010

The Double Bubble Bath

Yesterday was...well...let's just say it was good to get to go to bed.

You could say it started at school with the last day of EOCT testing.  I, with everybody elses help, got testing done and ready to be sent off for grading.  I hate giving tests!  The state could save millions if they would do testing on-line, but I'm only a teacher, what do I know!  I never knew what was involved with testing until I became testing coorinator at my school.  Can we all say headache??

When I got home, it was crazy as usual.  The boys went with me to work out and then we went to the grocey store.  After we got home I started cooking yogurt and fixing supper.  I had Knox draw bath water for him and Hamp. 

While the water was running for the bath, Knox went out to get and clean the cooler for my yogurt.  I went and turned off the bath water all the while my yogurt is still cooking on the stove. 

I'm too busy with cooking to bathe Hamp so I asked Knox to give him a bath.   As Knox was going to get Hamp, we both heard Hamp and water splash! Then the following conservation...

 Knox: "I found Hamp!"

Me: "Where?"

Knox:  "In the bath tub!"

Me: "In WHAT?"

Knox:  "The bath tub!"

Me:  "With his clothes on?"

Knox:  "Yes! And his diaper!"

Me:  "Well, get his clothes off and let him get his bath.  I can't leave the stove."

A few moments pass.....

Knox:  "Oh no!! MOMA!!"

Me:  "What!"

Knox:  "MOMA, Hamp got in the bath tub with a dirty diaper!"

Me:  "Well take the dirty diaper off!"

Knox:  "MOMA!!  There's poop all in the bath water!!"

Me:  "I'll be there in a minute!"

So after I got the yogurt strained and off the stove, I went and cleaned up the poopy bath!  We then drew water for another bubble bath.

Now we just wait for the next big adventure to happen!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh that's so painful! It's never fun to clean the bathtub with poopie! Not Mr. Poopie! Yuck! I'm glad knox is okay though. falling in the tub can be scary. Homemade yogurt! That sounds amazing.

    And btw I used to be a teacher too. I knew there were so many reasons why I enjoy you. Yay for upcoming summer vacation (that is if your not year round).

    Hope you have a much better weekend. Today was a great day for me in spite of the stressful Thursday. I hope yours was the same.


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