Friday, April 23, 2010

Small Town, Schmall Town

I love the small town I live in!  I love the fact that I am raising my boys here!  Let me tell you why I love this town!

Today we had a great little festival called Taste of Toccoa.  The city closes down main street (Doyle Street) and local restaurants set up tents, up and down the streets.   You purchase tokens and visit the different restaurants to try all types of food!  I can feed the whole family for less than $20.00.

There are also kid rides and all types of entertainment--singing, dancing, bluegrass.  The best entertainment is just sitting down and watching people!  You can't pay for that type of entertainment!  (If I only owned a video camera, you would be rolling in the floor by now---words cannot explain what you see when you go to Taste!)  But I'm off the subject--why do I love this town?

When we get to Taste, my oldest, Knox, spots his Cub Scout buddies.  They are wanting to go check out everything, but without their Moma's--we kind of wreak their styles!  Now there are over 3000 people at this event, maybe even more.  If I lived in a big town, there would be NO way I would let my child go on his own with his buddies by themselves at a big festival like this! 

But this is Toccoa.  The town my husband and I both grew up in along with my parent's and my husband's parents.  I didn't think twice about letting my son and his buddies out of my sight. 

Before I let the boys go, I gave them some instructions.  Now one of the boys is the grandson of the Chief of Police and the other's family has lived in Toccoa as long as we have.  So I told the boys not to even think about doing something to get into trouble!  I said too many people know you boys and if you think you will get away with anything you are sorely mistaken!  So I told the boys that if they misbehaved it would get back to me or the Chief.

So I parted ways with the boys and didn't think twice.  As I made my way through the crowd and "Tasted" Toccoa's finest, I ran into people who asked where was Knox or said they saw Knox with his buddies just down the street! 

When Hubby finally made it downtown, we ran into the Chief and asked if he had seen the boys.  He laughed and said for us to head to the courthouse lawn.  He said we wouldn't miss the boys as long as we looked up!

We made our way up to the courthouse and found one of the boy's aunt.  Before we could ask where the boys were, she pointed to the Magnolia tree.  There in the tree was Knox and his buddies, with Knox almost to the top of the tree!  They had been in the tree ever since they had finished getting something to eat!
Where else but in a small town like Toccoa, could boys go off from their parents and just be boys in the middle of a sea of people!  With everyone talking about how awful the world is today, I feel blessed that I have been able to keep my boys in a town that lets boys be boys and allows parents to not worry about their kids!  It's a place where people look out for people!

Norman Rockwell would be proud!


  1. That is absolutely the kind of place i want to live. Surprisingly I lived in a small town near L.A. and it was kind of like close as you can get near L.A. Anyway the scene you describe ins my fantasy! I am a new groupie!
    504 Main

  2. Well, Holly, you'll just have to come join us! The only problem is you have to leave the crazy Southern California in you behind! We're a LOT slower here--but we are still a LOT of fun!!

    Thanks for being a "groupie"! You're post posted!

  3. I think it's best if I leave it at 'no comment'.


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