Thursday, April 1, 2010

To the ER We A-Go...Again...

I mentioned in a coupon post about Lever 2000 that we had been battling a little beast called MRSA.  Well, that little beast came back!  My poor Hubby, who hates needles, hates doctors and especially hates going to the ER was dragged to the ER to have his lastest MRSA spot lanced.  I'm not his favorite person right now!

Let me get you caught up with this great adventure...Back in September, my hubby was logging, using a 28" chain saw cutting a 1" diameter limb.  The chain saw was not happy about cutting a little tiny limb, so it came back and "bit" my husband's arm wide open!  He got his first ride in an ambulance!  He ended up with 40 staples and too many stiches to count! 

Chain saw cut are serious no matter how big or small.  The problem is getting all the sawdust out of the skin.  This is what was Hubby's problem.  He had to go back to the ER for 4 straight days to get IV antibodics on top of taking oral antibodics. 

A month after the chain saw incident, he got a small pimple to come up on his arm that grew into this gross pimple with nasty puss that oozed out!  This happened 3 days before we were suppose to go to Disney World!  When we went to the doctor to have it checked out, we found out it was MRSA!  We didn't get to go to Disney World, but we did get to go to the whirlpool everyday!  You see, when MRSA is cut out, the cut has to heal from the inside-out, so you can't have scabs to form on the outside until the inside has healed.

Well, I got it by getting nicked by a needle that Hubby had used on his MRSA before he knew what it was.  The problem for me was where mine was--my left breast!  Yes, I said the breast and I was breastfeeding!  I had to have mine surgically removed and ended up in the hospital for 3 days!  Four weeks later I ended up with another MRSA spot on my back straight across from the first!  Since both of these were on my body core, I had to have both surgically removed and spent time in the hospital.

The story goes on....Stay with me here...

January, Hubby started getting those nasty, oozing pimples. This time on the "good" arm (the one spared by the chain saw).  We knew it had to be in his blood stream, but my "I'm a Man" Hubby decided he was going to treat this himself.  We used a home remedy of sugar and potatoes which helped with the first one, but the second TWO took longer!  Yes, I keep up trying to get him to go to the doctor, but we are talking about a MAN here!  How many of you can get your Hubby to do what he SHOULD do?!?!  His friends even got in to the piture trying to get him to get a doctor to look at him.

When this last one started on his leg, I knew we were going to be in trouble!  Last night, I came in from the neighbors (we had neighborhood disaster--the neighbor's peacock got run over trying to cross the road) I found Hubby on the floor, moaning about his butt hurting.  You see, this lastest MRSA is on his left buttocks!  Right on his "panty" line! 

So I put down the hammer!  I told Hubby he is going to the doctor or sleeping in the shop!  He got mad, but got in the car and we went to the ER!  They did what we knew they would--they lanced it and gave him an IV bag of antibiotics!  We left the house at 10:00 pm and made it home around 3:00 am.  We didn't wake up until around 9:30 am.  God bless my 10 year old...he fed and played with baby brother so Moma and Daddy could sleep!

Hubby has been a BEAR today!! I have heard people talk about how they didn't know if their marriage would make it through building a house or losing a job or teenage children.  I'm wondering if our marriage is going to make it through this damn MRSA!!  He's mad at me because he can't work.  I'm mad at him for not going before now!!  Lord, why did you have to make MEN!  You could have at least made them have some kind of sense....Just God Bless Them All!!


  1. Uh! That stinks that you are dealing with that again! You gotta get that stubborn man in to the doctor sooner! Do you have an iron skillet? Just hit him on the head and take him to the doctor. They can treat the head wound and the MRSA at the same time. :-)

  2. I hope Pete's butt gets better! Stubborn man!
    BTW, you're a great writer! - Donna P.


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