Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Spotlight: Battling MRSA

Our family has been revisited by a reaccuring, unwelcombed guest...MRSA.  We have been battling this menace for almost a year and are just now getting a handle on what we need to do differently and what we are doing right.

I thought I would use the Sunday Spotlight to highlight some of the products that you can purchase to help your family to stop the dreaded MRSA stampede!  Now I must put a disclaimer that not all these are MRSA proof and  outcomes will vary, but I wanted to give you a place to start from people who are and have fought the battle and are winning some ground!

I have highlighted this before, but I cannot hightlight it enough--Shark Steamer!  I just ordered a new Shark Premium Portable Steam Pocket Steamer.  I have been using the handheld Steamer, but I love the other attachments that come with the Premium Steamer. 

What I love about using a Steamer is the fact that you are NOT using chemicals.  Yet you are still killing virus and bacteria!  The hot steam easily allows you to clean places all over your home. 

One place that people sometimes forget to clean when you are dealing with MRSA is the bed.  You not only need to wash your sheets in hot water you also need to make your you clean the mattress and pillows.  With a Steamer you can easily do this without having to worry about getting everything wet and having to figure out how to dry these!  The Premium Steamer you will allow you to quickly and easily clean the MRSA by just slowly moving the attachments over all the surfaces that have been touched in your home.  Don't forget the door handles, phones, remotes, and the computer key board!

Another friend you need when battling MRSA, is an antibacterial soap.  One that is the best is Lever 2000.  The bar soap is great to have on hand at all times.  But once you or someone in the family has MRSA, it helps if the whole family uses it. 

You can also use the body wash and extra moisturizer formulas of Lever products as long as they still have the anitbacterial soap in them (most do, just double check the lables or call the company to make sure). 

It is also recommended that you put a capful of clorax in your tub water about once a month.  Every member of the family needs to do this for at least a year to stop MRSA in its tracts. 

A lot of times, when a family member is diagonised with MRSA, usually the whole family has to use a nasal cream that you put in your nasal cavity two to three times a day for a set amount of time.  Instead of a pricey prescription, try using Neosporin ointment.

Our doctor recommended using Neosporin onitment.  You will only need a VERY thin coating on the inside of your nose.  Get just a "dab" on your finger and put a thin coating on the inside of your nostrils.  The trick is getting in as far as you can as well as doing this at least twice a day. 

Now these are not cure-alls!  If they were, we would not be battling the nasty menase of MRSA.  These are just weapons to add to your arsenal in the MRSA battle. 

If there are others, please share!!  We have gotten some of these an others by sharing our battle with people who have had to battle this same fight!  Leave a comment on what has worked for you and what has not.

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  1. we have not had to fight this battle yet but I will keep all of this in mind just in case :) thanks for sharing your knowledge, that is one of my fave parts of this bloggy world is we all get to help each other! Thank you for visiting me on my sits day!


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