Sunday, April 4, 2010

Do We Celebrate the True Meaning of Easter?

I sometimes think that we forget the meaning of so many of our holidays.  Take Easter...

As a child I remember that Easter started with Palm Sunday, Good Friday service of the nails and ended with the trimphant Easter Sunday Morning Service!  There were still Easter Egg hunts and of course Easter candy.  But we still never lost the solemness of Christ death and resurrection.

But today, I feel we have not sent this message to our children.  They are loosing the true meaning of not only Easter, but most of our Christian holidays. 

Then I came across this post today.  It was on the blog MomItForwardIt is a post by Jyl Johnson Pattee and her families experience in celebrating Easter in Antigue, Guatemala.  She has a wonderful video showing the beauty and solemness of thier Easter traditions. 

Take some it to be amazed and touched by this small towns way to celebrate the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ!  Happy Easter to you all!!

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