Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Midnight Plower

Hubby aggrevates me sometimes.  We are complete opposites on some things.  One thing we are completely opposite on is that I am a morning person.  I love mornings.  I love getting up and getting things done so that I can relax in the afternoon.

Hubby is not! Most days he does not get started good until around noon.  He will then work until after dark and sometimes is still not in the house until after midnight! 

This past month, we have been working on getting our garden spots ready.  This past year's record rain has made the soil too wet to plow until this past week.  Hubby got the plow on the tractor and started plowing the other day!  Oh was I excited!  But as always, he didn't get started until late afternoon so it got dark on him.  He was plowing with the lights on the tractor going back and forth in the field.  He ended up stopping before he was done because we had to be somewhere that night.  So I am upset that my garden is only half way done!

Then today I am checking out my Google Reader, when I see a post from the Old Farmer's Almanc.  It's the question of the day about plowing at night to reduce weeds.  I think this is some type of old wives tale until I read the Almanc's answer:

"Research indicates that weeds may be stimulated to grow by a sudden flash of light, which is what you give them when you turn the soil over during the day. A German study concluded that by turning the soil at night, weed germination could be reduced by as much as 78 percent. You can try this method by working during a moonlit night, or at dawn or dusk."

Weeds are reduced by 78%!!  You've got to be kidding!!  This means that Hubby was actually doing good by aggrevating me about waiting until almost dark to start plowing the garden.  I can't believe that I have to give him some kind of credit for doing something really smart!  Ugh.......

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