Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Spotlight: Ergorapido

Today I want to review a product that every member of my family, except the baby of course, has used and loved.  It is a very handy piece of hardware to have in the house, especially a house full of messy males!

This is a lightweight vaccum that can be maneuvered easily around and under things.  It works great on hardwood and carpet.  But the best feature is that it is cordless!  Yes, cordlesss!  The Ergorapido has a charging base that doesn't take up much room and helps to store the vaccum easily and discreetly.

Ergorapido has a great little hand vaccum that easily detacts from the stand-up vaccum.  I have found that the hand vaccum is perfect for cleaning up after meals.  It is perfect for cleaning the food crumbs out of baby's high chair.  The Ergorapid is even perfect for cleaning the crumbs from the sofa!  I also use the hand vaccum to clean up flour spilage when I am baking.  It amazes me all the uses I keep finding for this verstile hand vaccum.

The upright vaccum is amazing too!  Since I keep it stored on its charger, its always ready to go.  I use it to do touch up cleanings in the kitchen and dinning room daily.  It's always ready to pick up the dirt that collects around the front door and where we keep our shoes. 

I have found both my son AND my husband using the Ergorapido!  Before I purchased this vaccum, I would have to beg and pled to get my husband to help with the vaccuming.  When we start cleaning up the house for company coming, my husband and son sometimes fight each other to get to use the Ergorapido.  I have found my husband using the vaccum to clean up a mess he made without being asked!

I'm not saying that just because you have the Ergorapid in your home your husband and children will help with the vaccuming but you know never know!  I have even found myself vaccuming more!

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