Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Unless you live in the South, it's hard for you to understand why everything just shuts down when it snows.  For us, snow is a novelity!  Right now it is snowing like crazy at our house, but it's melting as fast as it is coming down.  By this time tomorrow, the snow will be mostly gone as quickly as it came.  We have to enjoy it while we can!  So we stop everything and enjoy the snow!  Not to say the least we don't have snow equipment!

It is also a good excuse for my husband and his buddies to open up the Heman Woman's Hater Club!  Every time it snows, you can find the HWHC members getting together. It takes all of them to make their famous stew.  Notice, I said all of them!  They have to have each other to remember all the ingredients!  Poor things, they can't cook without each other!  Bless them...

Our chickens our so confused about the snow!  They aren't crazy about having to walk in it.  And it is quite amusing to watch them walk in the snow.  The roosters start crowing everytime it starts snowing!  But the hens are still laying!

Well, we're enjoying watching it snow!  So peaceful....  I just wish the snow would stay around a few days!  I hope you enjoy our Snow 2010 pictures!

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