Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday Spotlight: iRobot

One of the absolute best presents I have ever gotten was the  iRobot my mother gave me a couple of years ago!  These vacuums are the best!  I love my Roombie!! 

It is different than a regular push vacuum.  You have to do a few things a little different.  You have to make sure everything that is larger than a quarter is picked up off the floor because the vacuum has a small easy to empty dustbin that will not handle large objects adequately.  All small furniture or other small things that can easily be moved must be picked up so that the Roomba won't move them. 

One of the best things about it, you don't have to move large furniture.  The iRobot Roomba will be able to go under and around most large pieces of furniture.  You don't have to worry about dust bunnies now! 

The other great thing about a Roomba is that while you are vacuuming you can actually be doing something else!  What's even better, you don't have to even be home while your Roomba is working!  You can set the iRobot to vacuum every Monday while you are at work or every Thursday while you and the family are sleeping.  You can set the iRobot for the same time each week or each day.  It's up to you. 

The Roomba works on carpet, laminate, wood or any surface that is not wet.  It goes on different surfaces easily as well as going over any area rugs that are not too thick.  Roomba will cover about two to three rooms on one charge.  I do recomend that you make sure your Roomba come with Virtual Wall Lighthouses that use light beams to keep the Roomba in the correct rooms you want vacuumed.  These will be invaluable to you as you use your Roomba.

The only draw back would be the fact that iRobot doesn't get up those spot pick-ups like other vacuums.  I do this with a small rechargable vacuum that does my quick daily pick ups.  My Roombie does my good weekly floor cleaning and gets all the corner dust bunnies.

I just can not say enough great things about iRobot's Roomba!  It is the best invention of the 21st century in my book!  It's the sliced bread of this century!!  Amazon has the best prices I have seen for the 560 Roomba.  They are worth every penny especially if you are like me, a working mom with a limited amount of time for everything, especially vacuuming the floor!

Give iRobot's Roomba a try. I'm saving up to get the Scooba, the floor washing iRobot.  iRobot has great products that are very much worth their price.  I don't think you will be disappointed by what you pay for!

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  1. I love my Ms. Roomba and I'm thinking about a Scooba, too!


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