Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh God, It's Here!!

Tomorrow is the day it arrives!  The day of reckoning!  The day that says I'm reaching the middle of the line. 

I found that I don't feel any different.  I am a little afraid of what my husband is going to do.  I know I'm going to be teased all day, even sang to!  Oh, I hate being sang to.  I like to do the singing!

It's my 40th birthday....

I use to think 40 was soooo old.  Now its just another number, just another day.  I look back and think is this really where I am.  I don't feel 40.  But then what is 40 suppose to feel like?  I can still remember turning 18, 19, 21!  That was 1/2 my life ago!  Oh well, it's here and I can't change that!

I'm heavier than I was at 30.  My boobs sag more...any more and they'll be on the floor!  I have more freckles.  My hair is darker and I have found those blessed white things--where did those come from? My husband must be coloring my hair at night to make these white things show up!  I am getting that darker red hair that my mother has.  I'm loosing my strawberry blondness!?! 

My skin is not the same skin--some alien came down and kidnapped me and changed out my skin!  I have to lotion down all the time now.  This never happened before!  Dear Lord, whose hands are these?!?  Those smooth, girl-less hands are gone and there are these wrinkle-ly, dry knuckled hands connected to my arms.  These can't be mine!?!?

Don't make me laugh--I loose water everytime!  My mother and grandmother warned me, but do I listen---NO!  Now everytime I laugh, sneeze, or cough I sprinkle.  Lord, the Kegel exercies are NOT working...does this mean I'm going to have to wear a diaper!!??

Oh well, it here!  There's nothing else I can do but embrace these 40 years and just except the fact husband is still older than me!!


  1. Hi Tractor Mom! I had to follow you and check out your blog seeing the name itself was awesome. Happy 40th bday tomorrow from a fellow mommyblogger who loves to laugh.

  2. i loves ya! =)
    happy birthday old woman!

  3. Thanks Laura! You're not far behind!

  4. Happy belated birthday!
    Thanks again for your comments on my SITS DAY!

  5. 40 isn't old ....if your a TREE!!! Happy Birthday! Compared to me you are still a young chick!

  6. 40 is the new 29. Enjoy! Found you from SITS Saturday sharefest.

  7. hahahaha!! That's hilarious!! Happy 40th that's so exciting! Don't worry you don't seem a day past 21! :)

    Happy sharefest!


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