Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Spotlight: Shark Electric Steam Cleaner

Starting tonight, I want to start a new feature on Sundays.  I will try to spotlight I product I really like and/or enjoy using in my home or something that my family has found really neat and helpful.  I want to know what your feelings are about these products too.  If you have any questions, please send those too.  I hope this is a feature that you will find useful and informative

For the past couple of years, I have been fascinated by the infomercials on the steam cleaners and mops.  So when I found one at a warehouse store, I bought it to try at home.  The one I bought was a Shark and had both a steam mop and a hand steam cleaner.  I have truly loved the one I bought and I highly recommend that each of you look at purchasing one for your home.

I haven't bought floor cleaner since I brought my Shark in my house.  If you are a true frugal diva, you need to get a steam mop.  It is probaly the most frugal household product you will bring in your home.  Not only does it not use any chemicals, only tap or distilled water (boiled water for me), but it is truly the safest way to clean your home if you have small children.  You have to be carefull what your little ones are crawling on.  I feel safer with my toddler crawling on the floor cleaned with water instead of chemicals.

The hot steam kills most all the bacteria and viruses that can interrupt your lives.  The steam also cuts through some of the stickiest, messiest mess your kids (or husband) can come up with on your floor or refrigerator!  Just like the infomerical says, the floor is almost instantly dry so you don't have to worry about keeping the kidos off the floor.  I have found that I can use my steam mop on my hardwood floors with no problem.  My hardwoods are over 50 years old and have been sealed.  The steam mop does a great job on my hardwoods especially since the steam dries so quickly!

If you have been thinking about getting a steam mop, quit wasting your money on buying floor cleaner.  Why pay for your water and your floor cleaner?  The steam mop is more expensive up front, but it will pay you back in the long haul.  You will also find that it is easy to use, but that you will need to slow down your mopping strokes as you mop. 

I have a link to purchase the Shark steam mop from  Their price is very compatable to just about anybody around and is lower than most of the big chains.  If you have larger floors than I do, you might want to look at the Euro-Pro Shark Steam Pocket Mop.  A little tip:  when you buy your steam mop, buy a set of extra pads.  You'll thank me later!

Let me know how much you are in love with your Shark Steam Mop!


  1. So which is the one with the hand steam cleaner?

  2. You have to buy them sepreate on Amazon. I haven't been able to find the combination I bought.


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