Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...Cracking Up Santa

The other week, I took the boys to get to see Santa and have their pictures made with him.  My dear friends at Rudeseal Photography have been making pictures of my children since Knox was 18 months old.  This is the only Santa Knox has never known!

Tony, who has taken the boys pictures since they were little, has always told me that kids are unpredictable.  We just take what you can get!

Knox was like that and his little brother is following right behind him!

As Hamp sat on Santa's knee, he started playing with his tractor...

As we started laughing, well, Santa lost it...

Sometimes you just have to laugh!!

But Santa was able to gain his composer back and listen to Hamp tell him he wanted as many tractors as Santa's sleigh could hold--but they had to be RED!!

Check out Rudeseal Photography and try them out!  They do an excellent job capturing those really special moments of your children!! 

Be checking back soon...I'll be sharing with you the wonderful Christmas card they put together for me this year!

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  1. Just hopping on by via Wordless Wednesay to view your great photos, Santa looks like he is having a good time. I would love it if you could visit me back.
    Wishing you a Happy Christmas
    Helen x

  2. How cute! I would think it must have been hard to stop laughing at that.
    I found your blog via Java's Wordless Wed.

  3. Aww! They're so cute! The pictures turned out great, too. Happy Wednesday, mama!!

  4. Oh that is so sweet. You never really see "Santa" laughing in pictures with children. This is great!

  5. That is too sweet! I guess he would not like our farm, we have 3 tractors and none of them are red.

  6. How cute! Hope he gets that tractor!

  7. Very cute! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I love it! Good Santa too!
    ~Naila Moon


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