Monday, December 20, 2010

Redneck Christmas Parade

In the South, we do this a little different.  Christmas is no different!  Especially when it comes to Christmas parades!

Around here one of the most Southern (and just plain Redneck) parade is Bullsnort or Monte Video or the Parade!  There's not one name for it and there is nothing else like it!!  This is a parade that you must experience to believe...and trust me when I say that New York City and the Macy's Thanksgiving's Day Parade has nothing on this one!

The parade starts in a little community called Monte Video in Hart County.  You find Monte Video when you get to 5 roads that intersect and you find the Monte Video General Store.
This the "downtown" Monte Video.  It's the only way you know you are in the right place!
The parade is the Sunday before Christmas and usually starts at 2 pm.  It is in the middle of Nowhere--literally!

Now what makes this a really different parade is that there are
no city streets...
the only buildings are barns and houses...
 no applications to fill out...
no entry fees...
no rules...
EVERYTHING that can be drove or rode is welcomed!

You never know what you are going to see....

I think this just speaks for itself...

I said you could drive or ride anything...

This was just too cute!

This John Deere was broke down on the side of the road.  I think that he just had to "go"...

Shelby had the funniest hat!  Notice that her dad and husband were staying back as far as they could!

I think the poor guy either ran out of beer or needed to use the "woods".

If you look real close you can see that the old ambulance says "Santa 911".  We couldn't figure out how the Grinch was able to hitch a ride!

Now it's not just the parade that is interesting...

It is just as interesting to watch the spectators!  The parade meanders through the countryside by lots of open pastures and fields.  It goes by places you would never think people would be set up to watch a parade...

Notice the crowds. This is at the start.  It was the pretty much the same crowd for the next 5 miles.

It is also like a festival!

As you go down the parade route, you will see people sitting in their lawn chairs watching the parade. 

These folks got out of their seats to bring us a funnel cake!  Scary part, we KNOW them!!

When you get to people's homes, you see that families and friends have set up folding tables filled with food on the front lawn or driveway!  They are socializing, eating, and enjoying the parade!

It was hard to get a picture of the pinicking, but these folks had four tables set up behind them filled with food!  They weren't the only ones...

The Monte Video, Bullsnort, Redneck Christmas parade is probably the most enjoying Christmas parade that we do!  It's one that we end up talking about with friends more than any other parade...

This was made by our friend Sandy from her seat at the front of the parade.  It's Hubby driving me and the boys "down the lane".

This is how we know that Christmas is just around the corner!!

Merry Christmas!!

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  5. I missed it last year because they had it a week early. Have you heard when it will be this year?


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