Monday, December 13, 2010

My Little Fixer-Upper

Last week I shared with you where Hubby had painted our Farmall M.  Click here to read it again.

Well, after Hubby had finished painting, Knox kept going to the shop.  We weren't sure what he was doing.  He wouldn't tell us what he was working on.  All we knew was that he wasn't tearing up anything, so we just let him work. 

After three days, he brought to the house what he had been working on...

He had found an old scale and had painted it!

He sanded it down, put on the base paint and also added the IH symbol on each side!

He even tried to add the numbers, which have disintegrated with time.  But little brother got to them and decided that he needed to rearrange them!

I just had to share with you what my little fixer-upper did this week!

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