Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Christmas Adventure

On the 23rd Grandmoma called me and said she needed to run something by me.

She was leaving on another trip on the day after Christmas.  She was suppose to fly out of Atlanta at 9 am on the 26th.  Hubby and I said we would take her, meaning we would have to leave the house at around 5 am so that she would be there in plenty of time.

With the in coming weather, she was worried about getting to the airport.  She wanted to go down on Christmas Day and spend the night at a hotel close to the airport.  The hotel would be able to shuttle her to the airport and we wouldn't have to worry about driving the next morning.  (The temperatures were suppose to be in the low 20s the next morning.)

I told her that sounded like a good idea and that we could drive her to her hotel Christmas Day.

So Christmas Day, after the boys had found Santa's presents, played a while, and we had eaten brunch, we loaded everybody in the car and set off for Atlanta!

We got Grandmoma to the airport and made it back in time to eat supper with Nanny.  After supper it started snowing!  We played in the snow and headed home before the snow got any deeper.

We stayed up late playing with the new Wii and watching it snow.

Grandmoma called before 8 am in a panic!

Her flight had been cancelled and the airline had rescheduled her flight.  Great, I thought until she said the new flight was for 7 pm!  She had to be on her ship by 3:30 pm!

Now I understood her panic!

How was she going to make her ship if she couldn't leave Atlanta until after the boat has left the port?

I hung up the phone with Grandmoma and looked at my Hubby and asked if he was up to a drive to Charleston!

So we packed up the boys, threw in some drinks and snacks, made sure we had extra blankets, took pictures of the snow (because we knew it would be gone by the time we got back), and headed to Atlanta!

Hubby and I decided to take the interstates.  And that turned out being a wise decision!  For the most part, we were able to go the speed limit (or faster) and made it to Atlanta just a little longer than we did the day before.

It snowed pretty much the whole way to Charleston.  The roads were clear but it would go from raining to snowing most of the way.

Grandmoma had called the cruise line and they were waiting on her and some other passengers.  The boat had rescheduled to leave port at 7 pm.  This gave us a little more time to get there.

We made it to Grandmoma's dock before 4 pm!

There was a nice young man waiting on her at the dock.  We all said good-bye and set off on our ways.  She was on the boat before we made it back to the main road!

We headed back to Toccoa.

With lots of coffee and hot chocolate, we made it home by 11 pm and our great Christmas adventure ended!

The irony of this story is that when Grandmoma was first planning this trip, I told her that Hubby and I should drive her to Charleston.  We had never been there.  We could do a little sight seeing, then we could take our time getting home after she got on her boat.

Grandmoma didn't think that was a good idea.

Well, Grandmoma realized on the drive to Charleston, that my idea wasn't too bad!

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  1. Too funny, but isn't it always the way! As you get older, you'll realize that if you have a great idea that works with someone else's plans, insist on doing it, or not at all. You would have loved to see Charleston and your grandmother would have made the boat in plenty of time without the frenetic driving.

    Look forward to your 2011 postings and want to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year filled with abundant joys and successes.

    Come visit when you can and don't forget to check out my other blog, Rockin' Chair Reflections!

  2. Wow! Now, if that had been me, no way I would have attempted a drive like that with kids in the car. I would have taken them to my in-laws or something :)
    Glad you had a safe trip and can enjoy ringing in 2011 knowing everyone is safe :)

    Visiting From Lady Bloggers

  3. What a wonderful way to share the Christmas spirit!

    P.S. I know I've been gone for a while, but it's nice to have the blogs that I can always come back to for some smiles...yours is definitely one of them.

    Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

  4. Gotta love an adventure! They give us something to talk about ten years later!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Wow, now that was a trip. I am so glad that she made her trip. I hope the rest of your Christmas was fun and may you have a fabulous 2011!

  6. How funny. I especially like the part about taking picture of the snow because it would be gone before you got home!
    I'm sure your Grandma appreciated all the effort to get her to the cruise on time. Its a new way for your family to spend Christmas. :)


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