Monday, December 6, 2010

The Christmas Tractor

With December comes Christmas which of course brings all the different small town traditions.  In our hometown, the first weekend in December is Christmasfest.

It starts with Christmasfest on Friday night.  We met up with my friend Jenny and her kids. 

Hamp and Jenny having fun at Christmasfest 2010.  Jenny's husband Chad put up the twinkle nights in all the trees downtown.  You can see them in the back ground.

We all went and checked out the Festival of Trees in the historic Stephens County Courthouse.  (I forgot to take pictures...)  My students had decorated a tree for the Festival.  We got to enjoy Leah Snyder as she played the handbells as we walked around!

We then headed to the live nativity.  It's put on by a one of our local churches.  This year they had a real camel in the nativity!  Knox got really close...

He was glad he didn't get spit on!

As we walked through town, we passed the singing carolers...

We watched as the horse carriage and toy train went up and down the street.

But since Hubby wasn't with us, the boys and I decided to go home before the tree lighting (Knox was "STARVING" too!)

Our downtown is so beautiful this time of year!  It's a great way to get the holiday season started.  Saturday is Sage Market and parade.

We went back home to see if Hubby was finished getting ready for the parade.

You see, Hubby decided the week before that he was going to paint the tractor.  We had promised to pull the Santa float in the parade with our Farmall M.  We have done this the last couple of year.  But Hubby wanted get the tractor looking really good for this year's parade.

2009 Christmas Parade with the Farmall M before it was painted.

So Thursday night (remember the parade is Saturday afternoon) Hubby starts stripping and cleaning the M so he could paint it.  He didn't come in until after midnight--I was asleep so I'm not sure exactly when he came in!

Friday afternoon he was finished with prepping and started painting.  We were suppose to go to the Broad River Rural Hertiage Christmas party after checking out Christmasfest but that didn't happen!

Please note the red paint not only on the tractor but on the floor and everything else!

About 9:00 pm Friday night he finished!  Because it was too cold outside he had to paint in the shop.  Let's just say there was paint everywhere!

Mr. International Harvester Red Man

Including all over Hubby!  Note the red paint in the beard and all over his arms!  You can't see it, but he also had paint in his hair!  What can I say, he's an International Harvester Man through and through...

All ready to be reassembled and decals added!

This is what the M looked like Friday night when we went to bed.  Don't forget that it has to be ready for the parade Saturday at 4 pm!

Saturday morning, I got a call that the tractor was ready!

The boys had to get on and try it out!

It looked really sharp!  Especially once we got the Christmas decorations on it!

Hubby did it!

By 10:00 am Saturday morning, Hubby had transformer our Farmall M from a regular tractor into a show stopper!

It was a prefect fit to pull Santa down the lane...

Thanks to the Rotary Club of Toccoa for giving us the privilege of pulling Santa in the Toccoa Christmas Parade!

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  1. Oh wow! The tractor looks fabulous. Great job!

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    Nana (Patty) Poppins

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