Thursday, March 3, 2011

Want to Put People to Work?

Look at the computer you are using and find where it was manufactured...

I will make a guess that 99% of them are NOT made in America.

Look at the lamps in your living room or bedroom...

I bet they aren't made in America either!

I know all of us know someone who has lost a job or have lost a job ourselves.  If you could help yourself or someone else get a job by simple buying American products would you?

ABC News has been doing an eye opening series called Made in America.  This has been an eye opening series for me and I think it would be eye opening for all of you!

ABC News states that if every American spends $64.00 a year on American made products...

We could together put 200,000 Americans to work!


Now that's not all the people that need jobs, but what do you think if we each spend a little more in a year???

You, Me, and everyone else CAN make a difference in this lagging economy!!


It would require a change in how many of us shop.  But what if that small change could put us and our neighbors to work!!


Just think...

If we started asking for American made products, don't you think that stores would start buying American made products!

Just think...

If we started looking and buying American made products, the prices for these will go down because the demand will go up!

Just think...

If we started questioning why our favorite stores are not buying American, these stores would start questioning their manufactures for American made products.


This is something that won't happen over night...

It may mean paying a little more for an item...

We can make a difference and put our neighbors to work...


We need to...


My family and I are going to take on a challenge that I want to challenge everyone that reads this...

We are going to look at everything we buy...

We are going to buy American made products in our favorite stores...

We are going to ask for American products when we don't see them...

We are going to search on the web for alternative American products where possible...

We are going to put Americans back to work!!


Will you join us?

Will you help put Americans back to work?

Will you and your family take the challenge??

Now if you have been watching the ABC News reports, you know that there are some products that are no longer made in America.  Maybe if enough of us start asking, these products will start to be manufactured again in the USA.  It won't hurt to try!!

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  1. Wow! I'm the first to comment! I took a photo of a dozen of our Christmas ornaments with "made in China" stamped on the back. I walked in the dollar store and every item is "not made in America." We make choices. We own a medical device company and we manufacture our line clamps in Colorado! We started placing "Made in the USA" on the outside of every box. Unfortunately, our politicians don't see the laws they create to make "big business" pay, also hurt the small business owners who hire locally. I have started buying my produce locally (not in bulk from Costco unless it is purchased nearby). Thanks for writing the post! I hope more people comment.

  2. My oven and accessories are all to be made in America. They will cost more, plain and simple. But, that's what products American-made cost because of our labor laws. Investors have all been wondering why I won't outsource for higher profit... it's not just the people who refuse to pay more, the bottom line keeps the money source demanding outsourcing (the current euphemism for cheap labor, high profit). The horror is that they are now trying to make us feel guilty for not helping support the laborers from other countries who now depend on the work, yet, can't afford to buy their own products... It's going to be a long, slow, process. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

  3. we need to start a data base of our finds.

  4. I like Susie's suggestion of a database. The company I work for is a "Made in America" company. I have had people tell me though, that they didn't care where the product was made because they would just buy the cheapest anyway :( Sad frame of mind this country has gotten into.


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