Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Here AGAIN!

After another 365 days, it's back...

That day that I never could wait for as a child...

But have started to dread the older I get.

The dread is not because I find myself another year alive, but that I'm another year for being a child!

Yes, today is my birthday!

The day I came into this world after much conviencing from my Daddy!

You see my mother, if it had been up to her, would never of had children.  Now, don't misunderstand me, I have the BEST Moma in the world!  She is just not the "mothering" type, the one you liked having tons of kids running around.  Now, my Daddy probably would have had a house full kids!

I had the best childhood...

And every birthday brings me further and further from those carefree, fun days!

The smells, the faces, the memories are starting to fade oh so slowly with each passing birthday...

But I always remember what my Grannymom use to say about a birthday...

Don't hide it, embrase it!

You are one year older than you were the year before so tell 'em all how old  you are!!

Yes, my dear friends, I have been a member of the 40 club for the past year...

And proud of it!!

For my birthday, I would like it if you all could take a few moments to Vote for my blog at TopMommyBlogs!
Thanks for the present!

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  1. Happy happy happy birthday to you!!! ~KM

  2. happy birthday!! new follower via social parade

  3. Happy Belated bday! What a great idea to have people vote for you as a bday gift lol haha I think I might have to do that for myself next year! gonna vote for you now ;)


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