Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ash Wednesdy

Wednesday night, we went to church as normal but after our regular supper we took part in the beginning of the Lenten Season. 

We had Ash Wednesday Services. 

This is the forty days before the death and resurection of Jesus Chirst.  It's a great time to look back and reflect on how we are living our lives. 

Do we need to think more of others than ourselves?
Do we spend more time on the computer or in front of the TV than with our families?
Are we the good stewards of the Earth that God wants us to be? 

Many of us use Lent as a time to give up something like chocolate, sweets, sugar, Facebook, coffee, Twitter, soft drinks. 

But I think we have lost the meaning of why we "fast" from the things we enjoy during the Lenten season.  When we make the decision to fast during lent, we also need to take the time to redirect our lives.  We need to redirect our lives in the direction that we need to go to be closer to God.  Being closer to God will also bring us closer to our families and those we charish the most.

Are we the person God put us on the Earth to be?
Are we heading toward the purpose that God has set for us?
Are we being good stewards to the world God put us in?
Are we being the examples God needs us to be?

Lent is not just the time to give up but the time to reflect up.  Reflect on our family, our lives and our walk with our God.  I challenge you to make this Lenten season a time for you to reflect and redirect your life into the life that is meanigful for you and those you come in contact with everyday! 

Happy Lent!
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  1. Hi!

    I found your blog through the Boost my Blog hop. I'm your newest follower. :) Look forward to checking out future posts!

    Feel free to check out my blog at:

  2. Excellent questions and definite food for thought during this Lenten Season.

    Thought I'd let you know that I've mentioned you on my current RockingChairReflections posting.


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