Monday, March 7, 2011

Made in America

I ran this post last week and was floored at the little amount of comments I recieved.  I thought I would rerun it.  I feel this is a really important issue that each one of us can help change and if we ALL do this, we can make a HUGE impact!  Will you join in?

Look at the computer you are using and find where it was manufactured...

I will make a guess that 99% of them are NOT made in America.

Look at the lamps in your living room or bedroom...

I bet they aren't made in America either!

I know all of us know someone who has lost a job or have lost a job ourselves.  If you could help yourself or someone else get a job by simple buying American products would you?

ABC News has been doing an eye opening series called Made in America.  This has been an eye opening series for me and I think it would be eye opening for all of you!
ABC News states that if every American spends $64.00 a year on American made products...

We could together put 200,000 Americans to work!


Now that's not all the people that need jobs, but what do you think if we each spend a little more in a year???

You, Me, and everyone else CAN make a difference in this lagging economy!!


It would require a change in how many of us shop.  But what if that small change could put us and our neighbors to work!!


Just think...

If we started asking for American made products, don't you think that stores would start buying American made products!

Just think...

If we started looking and buying American made products, the prices for these will go down because the demand will go up!

Just think...

If we started questioning why our favorite stores are not buying American, these stores would start questioning their manufactures for American made products.


This is something that won't happen over night...

It may mean paying a little more for an item...

We can make a difference and put our neighbors to work...


We need to...


My family and I are going to take on a challenge that I want to challenge everyone that reads this...

We are going to look at everything we buy...

We are going to buy American made products in our favorite stores...

We are going to ask for American products when we don't see them...

We are going to search on the web for alternative American products where possible...

We are going to put Americans back to work!!


Will you join us?

Will you help put Americans back to work?

Will you and your family take the challenge??

Now if you have been watching the ABC News reports, you know that there are some products that are no longer made in America.  Maybe if enough of us start asking, these products will start to be manufactured again in the USA.  It won't hurt to try!!

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  1. I responded to the previous posting and decided to do my follow-up to Tammy's posting here:

    And, that's the bottom line of today's thinking, Tammy. ",,, gonna buy the cheapest..." This won't get fixed because Americans won't work for $1.50 per hour, period. Corporations have to be willing to make less profit (hahahahahahahaha) and you and I will be long gone before that ever happens. Even your "green" and "holistic" companies work for the bottom line and 'outsource' for larger profit... And, you can't win, even if you do reduce your profit potential, because our products aren't protected all over the World. China, especially, is notorious for copying and selling a product with cheap labor. They don't give a rat's patootie about copyright and then everyone buys the cheapest version because they have been raised to have a throw-away mentality so that they can buy the next new toy on the market... I'm going to write a post on this. I'll be back.

  2. I do look for American made products. I know I could do better with it, though!

  3. I agree 100% and we have been doing this for some time now. I have never watched the show because we need a new TV and I am not buying a chinese one. There are things we need that we are not purchasing until we find one made in the USA. If I do find a USA made product I may buy 2 or 3 instead of the 1 I need just because I am so happy to have found it (like USA made shoe). I shop thrift stores and antique stores because it is the only place you can find some things that are USA made old stock.We were able to buy USA made solar panels before the company closed. I am disgusted at the way the majority of Americans won't even check a label or be willing to make the better choice. The way I figure you can be a little uncomfortable now and live with out something, or you are going to be very uncomfortable later. What happened to Americans fighting for America?

  4. We have been making an effort to "buy American" for several years. Especially food products. I have found that American products are just not available sometimes. I will keep looking and buy when I find them....

  5. Great post
    newest follower from the hop

  6. I am sorry that this post received so few comments before I am new to blogging but already know the frustration of writing a post that you think is so IMPORTANT and then... no one responds! This just happened to me on a post I did about marriage. 3 or 4 comments from my friends and family and then I finally got some but they were from other blog hoppers. At least they read my post and gave some thought to it! Anyway I do agree that there is a problem here. I make an effort to buy made in America but honestly I am selective in what I really look for it in (for instance baby products). One thing I have done for years that I feel really good about is boycotting Wal-Mart. Do you remember the slogan they had for years, "Made in America"? THey had to stop using it because they were sued- it was found they import more foreign made products than any other company- BY FAR. This is just one of the many reasons I don't shop there for more watch the documentary "Wal Mart the high cost of low prices". There are some reasons why I will buy imports- purposely. FOr instance I support a group that travels to third world countries and helps widows establish small businesses making handicrafts and then brings the products back and sells them here with all profits going back to those widows. That I feel good about. I DO NOT feel good about buying something that a child labored to make and was paid 14 cents an hour for. I agree with Sharlene T that this is not likely to change soon b/c of the consumer mentality and corporate greed in America as well as in our government. However I would point out that every person has a choice to make and I choose to make a decision that will benefit my local economy and small business people. Thanks for this thoughtful post. By the way stopped by from the blog hop and am following now. One of the focuses on my blog is supporting local businesses especially WAHMs :)

  7. hmm wrote a long comment that I really wanted to share and it disappeared so now testing...

  8. I commented before as well, and I do also agree with Sharlene. I think it is "too little too late" although I never think we shouldn't stop trying. D. L. Moody said It is yet to be seen, what one man, totally sold our for God, could do for this country. I think the same could apply to this situation - if a few began to rally for America - who knows how it might spread.

  9. I am a new follower of your blog thru Tuesday Blog Hop! I am also a new blogger with a little over 2 months experience. I still have alot to learn and nowhere near ready to do reviews or contests but I do post other bloggers contests that I think are interesting. I would greaty appreciate a follow back. Thanks!



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