Friday, February 4, 2011

Slow Cooking

Did you Know Slow Cookers Save You Money?


A slow cooker only uses about 200 watts (.02 Kw) an hour, thereby costing  $0.01 to run for 6 hours, which is pretty typical for cooking a roast. Newer slow cookers cook a little hotter but you ought to be able to read the wattage usage from your instruction booklet.

Compare this to the average stove that uses 1000 watts (1 Kw) an hour.  If it costs you $0.10 per Kw to run you oven, it will cost you $0.10 to run your oven for just 1 hour.

Using your slow cooker all day (8 hours) cooking a roast and veggies will cost you $0.02.  Using your oven to cook for 2 hours will cost you $0.20.  That's a savings of $0.18.  Not much, but wait...

If you use your slow cooker two days a week that will save you $0.36.  Still not enough, keep waiting...

If you do that for a year, you could have a savings of ~$18.72! Now...

In addition to the initial energy savings, you're also not heating up your house in the summer.  These keeps the air conditioner from working as hard!

Also most of the time I cook with the slow cooker, I make enough for more than one meal.  All I do is reheat for a short time and my slow cooker has cooked once two meals!  This doubles my yearly savings to ~$37.44.

The savings my not be really super, but if you add in the amount of time you save by having your supper ready to eat when you get home, a slow cooker will pay for itself quickly!

Crock Pot Potatoes

Baking potatoes
Aluminum foil

Clean your baking potatoes and remove any bad spots.  Wrap each potato in foil.  You can add butter, salt, or flavoring to your potatoes before you wrap them.

Place the wrapped potatoes in the crock pot and bake on high for 2 to 4 hours or low for over 8 hours.

Do you use your slow cooker? 

 Share your recipes here and I will put them together in a post for other to enjoy and put a link to your blog as an added bonus!

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  1. Oh, it is a great post! I really like it! ^_^

  2. i love my slow cooker! i have a real basic cheapy and it has never failed me. i use it on average twice a week, sometimes more.
    so many favorite recipes, chili, split pea soup, stews, roasts, ive even done ribs and chicken legs..
    i love to roast whole chicken! just ball up tin foil in the bottom, set chicken on top (so it the drippings fall below) add favorite seasoning etc.. i like to stuff it with an onion. and add lots of salt and seasoning salt to bottom of the pot.. the salt rises and makes the skin crispy. 4hrs on high or 6 on low usually works for me!

  3. I love my crock pot! I don't use it nearly enough but I'm trying to more this year. Now this gives me another incentive to do so. And it didn't even occur to me to make baked potatoes in it. Genius!

  4. I use it for pulled pork or pulled chicken. I need to find some new recipes to try. It's great to come home to a warm meal, too!

  5. Such great information! I am all for saving money and I really don't like using the oven a lot in the Summer. I had been thinking about getting a slow cooker and reading this has helped me make up my mind. Really like your blog!

  6. Yum! I love my slow cooker, it really does save time and money because you can cook so much at once. I use mine whenever I get the chance. Great post!


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