Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Tips, Frugal Tips

I collected some more cool frugal tips.  I just couldn't wait to share these with the "groupies"!!  Let me know if you have tried any of these....

Dollar Shopping:  How long as it been since you've been since you went to the local dollar store?  If it has been a while, you will be surprised!  Take some time and travel to your local dollar store and price compare some of your monthly buys.  Also, before you go, check the stores website.  I have found that most of the dollar stores have websites that have in store coupons.
Saving Steel Wool: After using a soapy, steel wool pad, place it in the freezer.  The next time you need it, pop it out of the freezer and use it.  This will keep your steel wool pads from rusting in your sink!

Paper Towl Saver: Take your cheap paper towels and make them go farther!  Take an electric knife or a sharp bread knead and cut the paper towel in half down to the cardboard tube.  Most of the time you only need a small amout for a quick clean-up so this will do it!

Cheaper, Better Fabric Softener: Store bought fabric softeners are filled with all types of harmful ingrediants and are expensive.  Try making your own...

3 cups vinegar
2 cups hair conditioner
6 cups water

Mix and use like store bought fabric softener.  Store in old fabric softener container.

Another Use for Alumium Foil: Clean off that alumium foil you just pulled off last nights cassarole but don't put it in the trash!  Ball it up and toss it in the dryer.  This will help stop the static clean.

Do you have any frugal tips that you want to share?
Drop me a line and I'll share them with all the "groupies"!



  1. Love your tips! Have a great day!

  2. Love the make your own fabric softener I am going to try it thanks!! New GFC follower from the Tuesday Hop~Shari


  3. Interesting post. We have the equivalent over here which is called a pound shop (I'm assuming they're one and the same thing). A bit like an Alladin's cave, sells everything and anything and bargains galore!

    CJ xx

  4. hi there- im your newest follower.. please follow me back....laura
    love your tips and suggestions

  5. Great tips. Don't you just adore vinegar - that naturall all-purpose cleaner, etc.! And, my Dollar Store folks really know me, too... another use for the balled-up tinfoil is cleaning the grill racks. Works like a charm..

    Come visit when you can and check out my new vlog!

  6. LOVE the tips...Especially the Fabric Softner recipe :)


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