Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl at Our House!

In most American homes on Super Bowl Sunday, the husband is in front of the TV watching the game while the wife is watching something else in another room or doing her best to stay away from the TV, except for the commericals.

That didn't happen in our house...

I was glued to the TV watching not only the game, which was a really great game for the Super Bowl--I hate blowouts, but the commericals too.  Hubby was in the other room watching everything BUT the Super Bowl!

The kids just kept going between the two rooms.

But Hamp was really getting into the game...

He was throwing his hands up and yelling "Football" most of the game....

 But hold on...

Big brother Knox had to get into the act!

Way to go Packers!!

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  1. GO PACK GO!! :) I am a huge Packer fan... you can read my blog on the review of the game here:

    I am your newest follower, i found you through a blog hop, hope you can return the favor! :)

  2. Hi! I'm following from the blog hop! I'd love if you'd return the follow favor and maybe join in on my blog hop next Sunday.


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