Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 4: Southeastern Old Threshers Reunion

Day 4 of the Southeastern Old Threshers Reunion at Denton Farm Park starts a little different than the other days.  It's Sunday, which means service in the chapel.  The first sound of the morning is the ringing of the chapel bell signaling the start of Sunday services.

We start to go but the church is packed and the only thing to do is stand outside in the sun.  We decide to head back to the campsite where we can still hear the sermon and start breakfast.
After breakfast I decided to walk around.

My first stop was the place where Knox has spent most of his time this week...

the Grist Mill.

This is his favorite place!  He has even drawn up plans to build his own grist mill at home!

He helps Mr. Johnson by sweeping and swatting flies!

Knox just loves being in there and watching the corn become corn meal.

I came in to not only take pictures but to buy enough corn meal to have until next year.  (I'll post a recipe for fresh corn meal later.)

After leaving the Grist Mill, I headed to the woods to check out the antique dealers.  One can find some great things with these dealers.  They bring their wares, set up under tents for anyone to look over and buy as much as their hearts content!

I found some cool stuff...

An apple press that you use to make apple cider with.

These are feed sacks.  There were tons of them!  There were even enough to make clothes for the whole family...

This vendor used part of an old Airstream on a trailer that was their camper!  You just never know what you are going to see when you come to Denton...

After the Parade of Power, Hubby went to get some ice for the cooler and Hamp wanted to ride.  When they came back, this is what I saw...

That sums up Day 4!

One more day and the 2011 Southeastern Thresher's Reunion will be history.  As much as we look forward to coming to Denton every year, it seems like it will never get here.  Once we finally get here, the days just fly by!  It's hard to believe that tomorrow we have to start getting everything ready to head back home and there will only be one more day to fellowship with old friends, to soak up the smells, the sounds, and the carefree atmosphere at the Denton Farm Park. 

The cicadas are taking over the noisy, methodical beats of the engines as Day 4 comes to a close as I wish we had 4 more days...

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