Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 3: Southeastern Old Threshers Reunion

Day 3 started with Bobby Franklin letting us know that it was the start of another day of the Southeastern Old Threshers Reunion at Denton Farm Park.  As we got up getting breakfast ready, so did the sounds of the Old Threshers Reunion reviving up for a new day...engines popping, steam engines being fired up, and people getting their walking shoes in high gear.
This is the morning of the kids petal tractor pull!
This is what Knox looked forward to more than anything else at the show.  But he now weighs too much so he couldn't pull.  Hamp was ok with weight but his leg can't reach the petals.  That meant that this would be the first year in 8 years that we didn't have a child in the petal tractor pull.
We did have friends whose kids were in it. So we headed to watch Silas and Sheldon petal!
They were both in different weight groups.  Sheldon in the upper end of his weight group and Silas in the lower end of his.
I didn't get a great picture, but you can see the petal tractor is hooked up to a shed that has weight in it.  As the kids petal down the track, the weight moves up the ramp causing the shed to be heavier and heavier to pull.
This year Sheldon came in first place in his weight class while Silas was second.
The cool thing was that all the first place winners got to put their name in to be drawn for a new petal tractor!  Sheldon didn't win the petal tractor but he got a really cool trophy.  Hamp really liked it!
It got hotter as the day went on and we caught our neighbor JB cooling it under the trees behind the grist mill after lunch.
He said he was resting but we know we heard him snoring!!

Today was the day I headed to the General Store to get a bottled Coke with hoop cheese and crackers!  This is the best treat!  The General Store is a classic store that would have been in every small town.

It has a post office that is open during the Southeastern Old Threshers Reunion.  It is run by the US Post Office. 

Each year they have a new cancellation stamp that some folks collect each year by mailing themselves a post card from the Reunion.

I just love going in the General Store.  It reminds me of being a little girl and going with my Daddy to the local store and getting a Coke.  You just can't beat the atmosphere here...

Hubby joined in a new contest at the Old Threshers Reunion...the wrench throw.  Now this is not a little wrench, but a 30 pound wrench!  He did pretty good but alas was not good enough.  But he did have fun...

Day 3 ended with the graceful, powerful horse pull.  Even though there is some type of pull (lawnmower, antique tractor, or modified tractors), I really enjoy watching the big work horse teams pull the sled.

These horses are big, beautiful and just plain old powerful!!

They pull a sled that is sometimes double their weight.  They have to pull in unison to have a successful pull.  This is just something you have to watch to truly appreciate...

As the music hall closes down for the night, the cicadas and crickets take over the Old Threshers Reunion daily sounds letting us know that Day 3 is coming to a close.  Tomorrow comes quickly....

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