Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do You Realize that I H-A-T-E...

Just to start this post, I want you to know that I H-A-T-E opossums...

My oldest Knox has become afraid of the dark ever since he was spooked by a coyote while playing outside.  He hears noises and all kinds of stuff every time we send him outside at night.  He is really spooked by the dark now.

The other night I sent him outside to close the chicken coop.  It was already dark, but since the coop is close to the house and we have outside lights, I thought he would be fine.

Well, he came back in a panic!

He slammed the door and said something was in the chicken coop!

Well, being the Oh-So-Considered mother, I told him he was just hearing things and there wasn't anything but chickens in the chicken coop.  In other words, I didn't believe him...I couldn't tell you how many times I have gone out there and there be nothing!  But he kept on, so Hubby went to the coop to check it out.

Hubby comes back and to my surprise he says, "We have a visitor in the chicken coop." 

He needed help.

It was an opossum!!

Knox had locked a opossum up in the chicken coop!

How (and more over Who) were we going to get that damn opossum out of the coop???

As we got back to the coop to help Hubby get the opossum out, we couldn't find it!  The coop was lock up but where was the opossum? 

He wasn't in the coop with the chickens.

So we looked in the chicken run but didn't see him.

As Hubby walked around the chicken run, his flashlight went up and there it was...

That damn opossum had climbed up the side of the chicken run to the top of the fence and was holding on for life!!

Oh let me just say that ....
They are a big ole rat with a long nose and nasty teeth!
They are just GROSS--sooooo GROSS!
They give me the Willy Wonkas...

So Hubby opened the door to the chicken run and tried to pull the opossum off.  He grabbed it by the tail and pulled.


That darn, stupid opossum just pooped!  He was really holding to the fence and even started biting the the fence to hold on!

Hubby used a stick to push him off the fence.

I screamed...

You do realize that I H-A-T-E opossums!
I can handle mice, rats, even snakes.  But I can't stand being around even stuffed opossums!
They give me the Willy Wonkas!!

The opossum ran back in the coop.

Hubby yells to open the coop door.

I asked if I really had to!

Hubby keeps yelling to open the coop door.

So I face my fear and open the door and quickly run around the back of the chicken coop.

You do realize that I H-A-T-E opossums!
I can handle mice, rats, even snakes. But I can't stand being around even stuffed opossums!
They give me the Willy Wonkas!!

The dang opossum goes back into the chicken run!
By this time Hubby had come around to the chicken coop door.  He goes into the coop but can't get into the chicken run without going back out the coop door and running around to the end of the chicken run.
I was at the chicken run door.  Hubby is yelling at me to open the chicken run door!  But that dang opossum was looking at me and glaring his nasty teeth at me!
You do realize that I H-A-T-E opossums!
I can handle mice, rats, even snakes. But I can't stand being around even stuffed opossums!
They give me the Willy Wonkas!!

I was saved by Hubby who had ran back around to the chicken run door and opened it before I could get the courage too!

Out ran that over-sized nasty rat with big ole pointy teeth and a naked tail!  He ran out and off to the woods!

Hubby made sure he was gone by following him with his flashlight until he got into the woods.

Knox and I checked to make sure he had not gotten the eggs we had not gathered yet.  They were all there and the chickens were all asleep, not being bothered at all by the excitement.

I H-A-T-E opossums!!

I'm just glad that Hubby was here!

Oh how I H-A-T-E opossums!!

I hope he doesn't come back.

I really H-A-T-E opossums....

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  1. Hi found you on Thursday's Friends blog hop and am now following.
    I hate going outside in the dark, but since I have 2 dogs I have to. :(

  2. LOL - well you are not going to believe this but last night my husband looks out our patio door and sees a possum sitting right there on our porch licking his paws. I actually thought he was kinda cute and was trying to get a picture so I could show him off today but he got away before I could get my camera set.

  3. I am a new follower via Thursday blog hop. I would love if you could follow me back at

  4. Oh my! We've had some serious run ins with some opossums around these parts too. My very "favorite" incident involved one crawling into our walls and dying while we were out of town. It's a smell I hope to never, ever experience again!!! I share your pain and would share some stories too if I didn't have to get my 3 year old ready for bed. :o)

  5. Thanks for joining us on Traveling Through Thursday! I am follow you via google and facebook! I'd love for you to join me on fb and twitter if you haven't already! Have a fab day!

  6. I'd get out the old cookbook and try to find a nice wine sauce, for future encounters... Come visit when you can...

  7. LOL Oh I'm sorry, but I think I would have reacted the same way you did. I've never seen an oppossum!

  8. WOW... your husband is brave! I would hate opossums too!

  9. Why this whole story reminded me of ET I can't say...

    Sorry, I am always thinking and hoping for aliens (-:

    But for now I'll hate those opossums right there with ya girl!

  10. Now that was a scream. I think it would have been a good event to tape, you know so you can laugh at it now moment.
    Hope you have a opossum free day!

  11. Hey Tractor mom! I LOVE THIS POST! I sooooooooo hate oppossums too. It's their long white tails that get me. One time, one crawled across the deck at night and its creepy tail slithered across by my window. GROSS!

    I hope you are well. Sorry to have been out of touch. We're planning a move, packing, and my blogging has taken a back seat. BUT, I'm thinking about you and LOVING your blog and stories.

  12. Ugh how awful!! We tried for the longest time to catch a raccoon that was stealing our chicken eggs but it eventually just left!

    Thanks for letting me know about not calling the chicken eggs organic! I definetely did not know that! i sold them on Craigslist that way and thankfully never had any problems! But the next time we buy a large round of hens I will definetely know that for sure!! You said you guys are going to get like a 100!! (so jealous! :) are you letting them free-roam or are you building them a large coop? We live in a regular neighborhood so we had to pen ours most of the time because I didn't like all the poop w/my little ones in the backyard playing! I have 2 hens free roaming right now and they POOP everywhere- they are worse than my 30 were! ugh, my poor kitchen windowsill will never be the same again! :)


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