Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Tips, Frugal Tips

I thought I would share some Frugal Tips, since it was Tuesday and I had some cool tips saved up!

Cheap Paper Plates:  Save those meat trays you are throwing away!  Wash them with some hot, soapy water and reuse them as paper plates when you are camping this summer.  They are just the right size and can hold a lot of stuff!  If you have a way to wash them, you can enough reuse them, again...

Holding the Recipe:  Glue one side of a spring-type clothespin to the inside of your kitchen cabinet door where you do most of your baking.  Clip your recipe and you have it at eye level and you don't have to worry about getting spills all over your recipe!

Energy Saver:  Try turning off your oven near the end of your baking time.  If you keep the door closed, the over will stay hot long enough to finish your baking.  You'll save on those electric bills!

Versatile Toothpaste:  Use toothpaste to clean more than your teeth!  It can be used to clean stains from teacups or coffee mugs.  Use it to clean bottoms of kettles as well as remove stains from some clothing.

The Perfect Pour:  Use a clean, empty ketchup bottle to get perfect pancakes.  Fill clean bottle with your batter and squeeze out picture perfect pancakes every time!

De-Knot:  Try this to get out the next knot in your delicate chain necklace.  Place the necklace on a piece of wax paper, add a drop of oil on the knot, and use two straight pins to gently loosen out the loops of the knot!

Do you have any tips that you want to share?

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