Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day...

Memorial Day is the day to remember the fallen.

This year I not only remember the fallen but two men who came back from war and taught others that war is not all glory.  They taught us that war should not be taken lightly.  They taught us that through the worst of the battles comes great courage and strength...most you never knew you had.

These two men survived some of the worst battles of WWII and taught us that their buddies left behind were the true heroes, not them.  They spent the rest of their lives here on earth telling their stories and those of countless men who never came home.  

These men did this so we would never forget.

I will never forget them...

God Bless You
Jake McNiece and Reed Pelfrey.  

May your first Memorial Day in Heaven be a great day of reunion and peace...

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