Friday, April 12, 2013

The Accident

Some days are just not good days....  Sunday was one of those.  

As we went about tending to the chickens and goats, it was business as usual.  We moved the large chicken pen with the tractor and had just finished refilling water and feeders.  I went to crank the tractor so that we could move the goats. 

We hand crank our tractors partly to make it harder for the boys to start the tractors.  Hand cranking is not terribly difficult but must be done correctly.  The most important thing to do is to make sure that the tractor is not in gear when you crank it.  Because as soon as you crank it, it's ready to go.  And if it's in gear it will take off with you.  This is what I found out the hard way.

So if you hand crank your tractor and it is still in reverse, it will run over anything in its way.  Even if that's a metal chicken pen....

I must tell that no chickens or humans were injured during the ordeal.  Only the chicken pen was damaged and hurt.  The tractor only had scratches on its tires.  And the chickens aren't as dumb as people would like you to think!  Humans on the other hand....

Now we begin the process of building a new chicken pen....

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