Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pastured Pork CSA

K and H Farms   Fall 2012

In the Spring of 2013, K and H Farms will be offering pastured pork.  Our pigs are grown on our pastures, woodland, and gardens.  They eat nuts and acorns, root up our garden, and eat grass and other weeds while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  You will find our pork to be much healthier and happier than the average pigs with much leaner and tastier meat.  

Our pigs are fed grains, corn, minerals, and food scraps but get between 20 to 30% of the nourishment from the pasture, gardens, and woodlands they live on.  They are moved to new areas every two to three weeks.  These pigs will yield truly leaner cuts of meat.  Their flavor is richer and more vibrant than those bought in the grocery store.  This is pork that we proudly put on our own dinner table!  

Starting the Spring of 2013, K and H Farms is going to offer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to our friends, family and community for our pastured pork!  This allows you to own your “share” of our pigs.  You pay upfront a deposit to secure your “share” of pork.  The “shares” will be quarter, half, or whole pigs.  

Share Packages: Whole Half Quarter
Unit Price: $3.50/lbs $4.00/lbs $4.50/lbs
Hanging Weight:   180 lbs 90 lbs 45 lbs
Minus Upfront Deposit: ($75.00) ($40.00) ($20.00)

Total Share Price: $630.00 $360.00 $202.00
Total Due before Processing: $555.00 $320.00 $182.00

FREE Processing with CSA orders:
Slaughter:   $30.00 $15.00 $7.50

Butchering:    $90.00 $45.00 $22.50
Discount:         20% 17% 16%

*Payment for CSA needs to be paid in full before your “share” is taken to be processed.  Payments can be made through cash, check, PayPal, or credit card.
You will be allowed to pay for your "share" in three installments with PayPal. These installments must be paid before your "share" is delivered to the processor. All pigs will be processed at Oak Valley Meat Processing (706-886-8556).  This is a USDA inspected facility.  You must contact them before the meat is delivered to work out how you want your “share” butchered. You will then pick up your "share" directly from them.  Deliveries to another processor will be the customers responsibility. If you choose another processor, you must pick up your live hog the same day as we deliver to Oak Valley Meat Processing. 

It will take 4 to 6 months for the hogs to get to market weight. We have not set a slaughter date as of yet. This date will be set after your deposit has been received. We encourage you to go in with others to split "shares" especially if you do not have freezer space.  You will be allowed to pay for your "share" in three installments. These installments must be paid before your "share" is delivered to the processor.

Knowing who raises your food empowers you to have control for healthier food choices for you and your family while strengthening your local economy!  Know your farmer, Know your food!  We welcome all our CSA members to come any time to help water, feed, or just play with our pigs.  We have an open door policy because we consider YOU apart of our farm!!  We look forward to getting to know you and your family...

Stacey, Cavonna, Knox, and Hamp Holcomb

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