Sunday, December 16, 2012

Planting Wheat

With rain on the way, Hubby got up early and took Knox with him on a mission.  A mission he has been wanting to do for the last three years.  The mission that has gotten away from him due to time and lack of opportunity.  But now the time and opportunity have jumped in his lap and he is living his mission!

Hubby is planting wheat!

I know it sounds crazy.  I have listened to the dream take shape.  Now I get to watch the kid glitter in his eye!  He has had the fields plowed for over a week now.  As soon as he plowed, we got over 1/2 inch of rain and three days of no sun.  This caused the field to be to wet for him to plant.  

Now we are not complaining about the rain!  Lord knows we need it!  Hubby gambled on the weather reports and lost that round.  But he gambled again and won....

Hopefully, in about 4 months time, I'll be posting pictures of him threshing his first wheat crop!  This means fresh wheat for us. 

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