Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pastured Poultry

My family and I are growing pastured poultry.  These are chickens that are allowed to grow in the field, scratching and eating bugs and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  We have found our chickens to be much healthier and happier than the average chicken!  Their flavor is much richer and vibrant than those bought in the grocery store.  These are chickens that we proudly put on our own dinner table!  We are taking orders for those of you who would like to try pastured poultry and taste the difference.  

This is how it order your chickens, we grow them out (which takes about 12 weeks), and you then have the choice of taking your chickens home to do your own processing or we can process them for you free of charge.   You are buying a whole chicken that is suitable for cooking that day or going into your freezer.  We can show you how to cut it up and de-bone if you would like, but this is something that we do not do when we process.

We are looking at processing once a month.  Sometime around the second or third of each month.  We will let you know exactly what days we will be processing after April.  We are not sure of dates because we have not confirmed shipping dates of the chicks.  The price will be $2.75/pound.  They should be from 3 to 4 pounds each.  This is about what an organic chicken or free range chicken is in the grocery store.  The difference here is you get to know your farmer and are buying local.  This money will be staying in this community!

Please copy and past the following site in your URL to place your orders.   

The order form will let us know how many chickens you would like starting April 21-November (maybe December).  This way we can put in our orders way ahead and be sure to have the chickens ready!   If we see we will have too many orders on a particular date, we will add in another date and may need to process twice that month.  Please remember that if you place an order you are expected to pay for your order and pick it up that day unless you make plans ahead of time.

Please share this with friends and family who are interested in healthier, more flavorful chicken and would be interested in buying chicken directly from the grower!  You are even welcomed to come and watch them grow if you would like!!

We're so excited to start our second year growing pastured chickens!   We hope you will try our chickens and help to support local farmers!

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