Monday, August 1, 2011

Potty Training with Mr. Poopy and Mrs. Peepee

Hamp is potty training.
Mr. Poopy doesn't like going into the potty.

Mr. Poopy can't find the potty when there are undies involved.
Mrs. Peepee likes going into the potty...most of the time.
Mrs. Peepee only likes the potty when undies are NOT involved.
Hamp likes sitting on the potty when Moma and Daddy are not in the bathroom.
Hamp puts Mr. Poppy and Mrs. Peepee in the potty 60% of the time.
Mr. Poopy and Mrs. Peepee find other places 40% of the time.
Training pants are WAY over rated!
Mr. Poopy loves it when Hamp brings him to me or Daddy.
Mrs. Peepee has this thing of showing up at the worst times!!
Mrs. Peepee has this thing of showing up in the worst places!!
Hamp likes to see how much of Mrs. Peepee he can put in his boots.
Hamp and Mr. Poopy likes to see if they can use the whole roll of toliet paper.
Mr. Poopy and Mrs. Peepee love the great outdoors!

Mr. Poopy and Mrs. Peepee love to watch me clean the floor...the chair...the carseat...the bed...the bathtub...the trampoline.

Mr. Poopy and Mrs. Peepee don't help pay for the carpet cleaning.

Can somebody tell me how much longer this will last???

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  1. Ummm - no I can't. When he turns 18 and still has this problem, you may want to seek out help. Until then, I wouldn't worry about it ;) lol

  2. Bless your heart. Potty training with Trey was a nightmare. He was so hard headed that if we tried to get him to potty he would just hold it in until bedtime. Finally we just went at his pace and he was trained. I always told people as long as he was trained by kindergarten I was fine. Good luck.

  3. Oh, I hope it goes by quickly! Potty training is so frustrating!

  4. Every kid is different. Just try and take him often. It worked for my boy's to set the timer. Then we'd extend the time on it weekly.

    I also tried to get my boy's to stand and go ASAP. They could see that they were making what we called, "Bubbles." They just stood on a stool and leaned over. No aiming at first! A squirt on the back with water helps them go to. Don't do that if they are scared though!

  5. ugh potty training. By far one of the worst parts of parenting lol. (And I have a girl...I hear its worse for boys)


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