Friday, June 10, 2011

Coming Back....

I just can't believe I have been away for almost two months!!


I'm Baaack!!

And boy do I have some adventures to share with all of you!

We have started on a new venture and between that and school and work, blogging had to take a back sit for a while!

The biggest changes have been here on the "farm"!

Our "baby" hens are now on the pasture.  They are becoming beautiful Rhode Island Red hens and have doubled their size since my last posting on them.  With the temperature reaching over 90 degrees everyday, we are staying busy making sure they have shade and are well hydrated. 

We also got in 80 broilers.  These broilers are already sold and are going to be pastured in 2 more weeks.  They are Jumbo Cronish X that are becoming a challenge to get through the first few weeks!  The heat is not helping but we are getting there...

The boys are growing like weeds!  We are now in the fun adventure of potty training with Hamp!! Knox "graduated" from elementary school and with be a middle schooler in the fall!  So the family adventures continue...

We are JUST now getting our garden ready for planting.  That is, if we get any rain!  We put our garden in this time last year and it did better than most of our neighbors gardens did, so we are quite hopefully about it...

The tractor show season has started!  I'll be posting about our adventures to some of the shows as we get back from them.  We are not doing as many this year because of the care for our chickens and the cost of gas.  But we are planning to hit some of our favorites to catch up with our friends...

Also I have a GREAT giveaway of a product that I am too excited about and that I can't wait to share with my "groupies"!  So stay tuned...

I'm so glad to be back!

I hope you will be back too!!

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